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Zelda 101 Forum Rules
You may post to any of our forums just stay on topic and don't post anything bad. If you use any cuss words or anything like that you will be warned. After 3 strikes you will get banned for a while.

You may not promote anything not related to Video Games. But to keep it friendly don't promote naked girls that are in any video game. You may not promote sex forums or cuss word forums as those topics and posts will get deleted and you will be warned.

You may not promote anything bad in your avatars, Icons, or Sigs. Anything else that is good and right with the world is allowed.

If you have a double post you can merge them into 1 and you won't have to edit the second mistake post saying so. So please don't do that on purpose either unless the admins or mods ask you to for testing purposes.

If it has a forum it is allowed. If it does not have a forum it most likely is not allowed.

I will add to this as I think of rules.
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